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Wedding Themes in Mexico

Beach Wedding in Mexico

Beach Wedding

Get married on the beach is an extraordinary experience for which Mexico has the most options. All the Mexican coast, the Pacific, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf will offer its beautiful white sand beaches, abundant vegetation, blue skies during the day and breathtaking sunsets.

Many hotels and resorts in the Riviera Maya, in Los Cabos and Riviera Nayarit, have private beaches where you will find all the privacy in the world to celebrate your marriage and where the music of the party not worry anyone. Since these types of marriages have already become increasingly popular, almost all beaches are equipped with infrastructure to better organize your wedding. Wedding planners and local authorities can assist you and provide you with suggestions, while respecting your personal desires, and will do everything to make sure your beach wedding will be an event you will never forget!

Imagine you and your partner standing in front of the sea, under a beautiful sunset, the turquoise sea, the gentle breeze, soft music, beautiful floral arrangements, surrounded by family and your best friends gathered to celebrate the magic of your special day...

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Boutique Hotel Wedding in Mexico

Boutique Hotel Wedding

Boutique hotels are the right choice if you're looking for a very personalized service focused on total comfort, exclusivity and privacy of their guests.

Each of these hotels around the Mexican territory has a very particular style, which reflects the characteristics of the area where it is located. Some are strictly minimalist, others reflect a typical colonial style. Even the food has always been a special touch and depends on the site chosen for the event. If you are near the coast, you could also offer delicious dishes of fish; if you decide to have a party in a garden, then a buffet or a formal banquet might be a good idea. If the celebration is held in a private place closed, your reception may be slightly more formal and consist of gourmet food Mexican or international culinary delights with different pasta dishes, main courses and desserts. Drinks can vary from champagne to tequila with a good selection of imported and domestic wines. The most important thing is that every one of these hotels will be able to organize your wedding the way you wish to...

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Hacienda Wedding Venue Mexico

Hacienda Wedding

Mexico has a large number of haciendas, beautiful houses in the Spanish colonial style, with large gardens renovated, furnished and equipped for the wedding reception of your dreams.

Mexican haciendas are a superb location for destination weddings: thick walls, high ceilings, frescoes and large courtyards with old trees and beautiful fountains. Many of these have a chapel where you can celebrate the religious ceremony and small private rooms for civil marriages or symbolic as the ancient Mayan ritual. Those who do not have these facilities will help you organize both local ceremonies in the cathedral or in any other temple of your choice.

Haciendas are particularly suitable for traditional, elegant and romantic ceremonies. Scattered throughout Mexico, the haciendas now have adequate facilities at the wedding reception and accommodations for guests as the finest hotels and resorts.

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Mayan Wedding Ceremony in Mexico

Mayan Wedding

Some couples find it appealing to celebrate their wedding by bringing to life ancient marriage rituals from the Mayan culture.

Mayan weddings generally take place on a beach or archeological sites (for which permission must be obtained ahead of time) and Cenote in destinations located in the Mayan region of Mexico, such as Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Xcaret, the Mayan Riviera, in hidden caves in the jungle, or on the outskirts of the Natural Reserve of Sian Ka´an, in the Southern part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

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Underwater Wedding in Mexico

Underwater Wedding

If you have an adventurous spirit or you and your partner are diving fans, stop thinking and bring this one-of-a-kind experience to life.

The best beaches in Mexico for an underwater wedding are those of the Caribbean. It would be difficult to improve upon visibility of more than 30 meters (during most of the year) and sand seabed free of strong currents, encircled by spectacular reefs 10 meters deep.

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Private Villa Wedding Venue in Mexico

Villa Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect Caribbean wedding villa, planning luxurious weddings in Mexico? Search the best luxury homes, each of which are uniquely suited for Caribbean weddings large and small, as well as tranquil honeymoons.

A private Mexican wedding villa can create the most picturesque setting imaginable for your big event, with classic architecture, stunning scenery, and warm breezes providing the backdrop for an idyllic honeymoon, and you will never forget one of the most romantic destinations this world has to offer.

A ceremony in a luxurious villa, where services are personalized exclusively to you and your guests, is a unique way to celebrate your destination wedding.

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