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Wedding planner in san cristobal de las casas - chiapas

Unique design service and comprehensive organization of weddings

Lidice Vázquez Wedding Planner & Event, is a firm dedicated to providing a unique design service and comprehensive organization of weddings in San Cristobal de Las Casas, to meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our main goal is to achieve excellence in each of our events, so we understand the importance of personalized service, the level of responsibility and professionalism required for each event to be a success.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with academic background in event planning, marketing, food, protocols, visual arts, tourism business administration, fine arts and business management; with due certification as a Professional Wedding Planner at the Institute Noun Events and Executive Training (Buenos Aires, Arg.). I have an extensive experience in organizing corporate events, what I've been doing since the beginning of the career of a servant.

We work for the honorees enjoy every stage of the process, to facilitate the maximum steps and provide all our expertise and professional support in every decision to make. We know how to turn "The big day" in a unique and unforgettable experience.

With equal dedication, care and professionalism, we also design and organize other events such Ceremonies of Light, Maya Weddings, EcoWeddings, egalitarian Weddings

And all that time where coordination and creativity are essential to an unforgettable celebration. We have deep industry knowledge and provide advice and constant supervision so that each contracted provider is commensurate with the desired style event and fulfilled in a timely manner with the services agreed. We manage all aspects of the event, knowing the available resources (budget) and using the most efficient and effective manner for the client comprising of all, their needs and preferences. We offer all the services needed to ensure the success of the celebration, from inception to completion.

The items and service areas in which I offer comprehensive advice are: Civil Ceremony (Legal advice on marriages between foreigners and egalitarian marriage), Meeting / Event for Civil Marriage, Religious Ceremony (any creed, even Jewish and Hindu) Venue / Location (lounge, fifth, stay, hotel, garden, etc. ), Armed Marquees / Gazebos, Catering Service, Atmosphere, DJ / Sound / Lighting, Photography / Video, Wedding Dress / Bridesmaids, Makeup and Hair, bouquet and headdress, Clothing Groom / Groomsmen, Alliances, Catering Beverage / Bar Drinks, Shows / Entertainment, Party, Party Favors, Driving / Voiceover, Tributes, Units / Invitations, RSVP Service, Receptionists, Baby Sitter, Car / Transfer the couple / family / guest accommodation booking guests, Valet Parking, Security Service, Wedding Night, Gift List, Honeymoon, Equipment / Furniture, custom Tips, Atmosphere and comprehensive event decoration.

I have designed the following proposals for your organization so that everything will be perfect Event:

FULL SERVICE: We plan and create your wedding or event from scratch; we take care of everything that has to do with the celebration from the time you give us your acceptance until his return from the honeymoon. Despite being us who we manage your schedule, coordinate suppliers, confirm guest lists, etc ... in no time they will lose control of the organization and you who have the last word in every aspect of your event will be. With this comprehensive service their only mission is to enjoy every election, knowing only those providers that actually fit your style and especially let them be carried away by the excitement of the "Big Day".

SERVICE PART: It is mainly designed for those who are already part of the contracted services, it is about the big day, but would like to have a professional who is in charge of the organization of the final stage, the more stressful, allowing them to enjoy the party . The service comprises:

  • PERSONAL MEETING WITH COUPLES: are pooled all contracted services, which were ruled to fulfill points each.
  • PRESENTATION OF PROPOSALS ARE MISSING THE SERVICES FOR THE PARTY: for example, setting, shows, transport, wedding night, souvenirs, surprises, fun tips, etc.
  • REALIZATION OF THE TIMING OF THE EVENT: armed, development and disarmament event
  • RSPV: via email or telephone confirmation of the guests.
  • MAKING THE PLAN ROOM: with numbered tables and spreadsheets guest
  • WEDDING DAY: armed supervision, organization and general direction of the party and unplanned care.

EXPRESS SERVICE: You chose all suppliers. Have clear what you want and how you want, but you realize that after traveling hundreds of addresses looking for the best professionals, who do not want to miss a moment of your day wondering if the florist will have done the installation as requested, if the photographer will be at the requested time if the food comes out at the right temperature, whether the company hired to do the animation defined minute in, among other services providers who have to interact at your event. If this is your case, the Service Express is yours. Our task is to meet with all the vendors hired by you and coordinate a set schedule. We will be present at the event and throughout the mounting. Our job is to get everything you had planned a complete success.

NON-RESIDENTS: You live outside of Chiapas or Mexico, but have decided to make your wedding in this wonderful state and logically need the help of professionals who know perfectly the best providers for your day. This is the service they have to choose. This is the complete service, but in which communication with the couple's other ways such as email, Skype, telephone, video conferencing or the one that best suits you. At no time will feel that they have lost control of the organization or election of any details. Our ability of communication and coordination with boyfriends in these cases is, if anything, more intense than when we met in person, because communications are consistent and are available 24 hrs a day. All personal interviews as needed if they have a chance to come to town periodically, or even if you prefer it to be a family which this monitoring us all together are also included.

ECOWEDDINGS OR GREEN WEDDINGS: They arise from a global need to adapt to the times, through the commitment that many carry on day to day, to keep custom that does not harm our planet, we also seek to transfer them to your wedding, so that it not only speaks of you from the aesthetic and personal details, but also in a manner consistent with its values. Conducting a EcoWedding carries the commitment to minimize the damage that can be done to our environment by the mere fact of holding. How is made? Weddings are Diurnal or minimizing energy expenditure using adequate equipment, choosing organic menus respecting the seasons and local produce, sustainable decor, music no more than adequate decibels, all preventing the detrimental environmental impact on our planet.

WEDDING CEREMONIES AND LIGHT: a beautiful ritual to celebrate the union of a woman with a man in a sacred act of binding energy, no time or space. These ceremonies are in many respects quite similar to what we know, there is an altar to the front seats to the sides with the guests, an aisle with petals of red and white rose where they walk the bride and groom only to the altar in where their shoes to sit putting your feet on a mat exquisite red roses, which will make there full contact with Mother Earth throughout the ceremony. They are dressed in white. The ceremony is led by a priestess, a woman who has studied for years to reconnect with Mother Earth, and secrets, as well as the study of energy, time, vibration, frequency, and balance of the cosmos, preparing a training constant challenges, brotherhood, unity, learning and evolution to their initiation, so it is not a ritual or religious ceremony of any kind, rather it is a ceremony of light and light is universal, no name, no institution, but cosmic energy, all, all, creation itself ...

These are wedding light, or energy, special, deep, symbolic, romantic, mystical, but not religious. Themselves are beautiful sacred rituals which should be done at a place in nature. Also apply for renewal of vows. They are an excellent alternative option, which will make your event different and very symbolic, and will join in consciousness, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I will endorse it with professionalism, I guarantee a logistical precision and a path to the altar plagued fun and unforgettable moments. But we also know that every detail makes your party ONLY YOU, that's why I advise so they can include all kinds of original Tips, those who can not get in magazines or online, precisely because they are unique and tailor-made , taking care that every wedding can have that personal touch.

With SAFETY COMMITMENT and CONFIDENCE that distinguish us I start to his orders.

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