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The most unforgettable adventure!

Underwater Wedding in Mexico

If you have an adventurous spirit or you and your partner are diving fans, stop thinking and bring this one-of-a-kind experience to life.

The best beaches in Mexico for an underwater wedding are those of the Caribbean. It would be difficult to improve upon visibility of more than 30 meters (during most of the year) and sand seabed free of strong currents, encircled by spectacular reefs 10 meters deep.

Participants in these ceremonies, both the couple and guests, should be certified or at the least have some diving experience. Those who do not dive can still follow using snorkeling equipment and a life vest, so that they can float along without missing a single detail of the underwater union.

The best position for the unfolding of these weddings, as much for the bridal couple as for the guests, is kneeling down. As for wedding garments, the most suitable for the bride would be a beautiful bathing suit or bikini, but there are always those who prefer to marry with the typical wedding clothes: her in her white wedding dress and him with a black tuxedo, irrelevant that they get out dripping with seawater. In place of shoes it is much better to use flippers for easier underwater movement.

A curious detail in this type of weddings is that, apart from the fact that everyone has to use masks and oxygen tanks (including the minister or judge and the witnesses), the person performing the ceremony has to use an underwater slate to write the questions or vows he asks the couple. The couple then, in return, must respond with two slates that say “Yes” or “No.”

For your underwater wedding to be perfect, hire organizers and professional diving operators in the Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres or Cancun; these will provide all necessary equipment. In these destinations, you can also hire underwater video and photography services to capture each detail of your union.

Photos: courtesy of Del Sol Photography

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