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Elegance and Privacy

Wedding in a Boutique Hotel in Mexico

Feel posh and extremely elegant in a boutique hotel. In Mexico you can find the place of your dreams and get married there. Boutique hotels are different from other hotels as they are very small, exclusive and elegant.

Be sure that you cannot find this kind of affordable and at the same time luxurious hotels all around the world. They are unique and fascinating.

They offer you total comfort, exclusivity and privacy. The services you would like to have during your wedding or honeymoon can be arranged by the hotel in order to make the most of it.

Mexico have a vast choice of boutique hotels. Each of them has something special concerning location, food, service and reception party. The variety of the Mexican and international cuisine will be in front of the delighted eyes of you and your guests who will congratulate to you for the high quality of ingredients and dishes prepared by highly qualified chefs. Complete meal with appetizer, starters, a few main courses, local exotic fruits and desserts are the most requested. Beverage is also an important element for a successful wedding. A selection of fine domestic and imported wines waits for you and your partner. Don't forget that you can find fresh exotic juices just made for you and your beloved.

Boutique hotels are mainly located in terrific places such as on the coast, in the center of colonial towns or next to archeological sites. Depending on the location the wedding takes a special and incomparable touch. In front of the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. Next to the Yucatan Maya ruins or the Aztecs pyramids in the central States. Surrounded by the colonial charm of Puebla architecture or the wild nature of the numerous islands. In fascinating castles, ancient monasteries, ranch or bungalow with roofs of palm leaves, anywhere you won't be disappointed.

Inside the boutique hotels you can organize the space as you desire according to your taste and needs. They have halls, gardens and terraces you can use for your religious ceremony, banquet, reception or party.

Remember that boutique hotels cannot held a lot of guests. You have to deal with a limited number of guests. The facilities of these hotels are very exclusive. Gardens, terraces and dining rooms as well as private beaches are not suitable for a large number of people.

You don't have time to organize your wedding abroad? You are lost because you don't know a specialized photographer and videographer? You would like to have fun after the ceremony? Feel free to ask assistance. Boutique hotels take care of everything you need. They have expert wedding planners who can make you happy. All inclusive packages, five-star accommodation, beauty treatments and spa or even adventurous activities are in Mexico for you.

The decoration of the environment around you is equaled important as food and party. Skilled wedding planners will follow your suggestions and your taste. Table decorations, ornaments and flowers must be the reflection of your most intimate taste without stepping aside the already existing style of the hotel architecture.

Nobody else among your relatives and friends has celebrated their wedding in such a unique place. Boutique hotels are elegant and unusual. Astonish the people you mostly love with an event they will all remember forever.

Contact our partners in order to have more details on the location and the organization of your wedding. They all have highly qualified staff that can be extremely helpful for your choice. They know how to organize successful events in the right place and time using the right facilities. Once you have decided what to do for your once-in-a-life event, your wedding coordinator will take care of everything on your behalf.

If you decide to get married in a boutique hotel, you'll have a wedding original and unique adventure of the highest quality.

Our advice is to enjoy your wedding, hiring local wedding coordinators, who may be the hotel staff or external, that will take care of the preparations and will manage all phases of the preparation of the ceremony and the banquet.

Photo: courtesy of Del Sol Photography - Riviera Maya

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